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Popular Artificial & Synthetic Turf Fibers Tested for Lead & Heavy Metals

Recent news reports about the possible existence of lead in some types of artificial turf fibers and their potential danger to the public has prompted a response by leading industry manufacturers. Mis-Leading Press & Media Stories Throw Synthetic Turf Under the Bus This week’s news…

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YOU Can Easily Test Artificial Turf for Heavy Metals & other Contaminants

Several chemical tests are used to measure the total amount of lead in an amount of material and how much of that lead might be able to be absorbed by the body, under normal exposure. Any chemistry lab can perform tests like these and can…

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Artificial Turf, Heavy Metal & LEAD Scare: Media Plants Faux Message in Public Eye

Recent press may lead readers to WRONG conclusion about possible LEAD Contaminates in artificial grass yarn fibers. Reported in several east coast news providers, a school in a mature neighborhood, located next to an iron works plant, had to have their artificial turf surface removed…

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Artificial Turf Easily Tested for Lead & Heavy Metals with Home Kits & Portable Tools

We are all a bit sensitive about lead these days due to the heavy metal found several years ago in toys manufactured abroad and brought to the US which contained high amounts of lead in their paint or plastic surfaces. Because lead is tasteless, odorless…

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