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Artificial Grass Market Study - 2007
Healthy, UpwardTrends & Future Growth Predicted


The industrialized carpet industry enjoys annual sales in the double digit billions with a steady growth of 10 to 15% annually, driven, in part, by the increases seen in the do-it-yourself markets.*

Of that incredible number, synthetic grass and artificial turf only represent 5% of the total finished goods delivered to market, yet synthetic grass and artificial turf is the fastest growing segment of the carpet industry today.


Grass is the FASTEST Growing Segment of
the Entire US Carpet Market!

Total Carpet Market **

Synthetic Grass &
Artificial Turf Represents
5% of All Carpet
Materials Produced



Specifically Synthetic

Use of synthetic grass and artificial turf for landscape and leisure sports uses for residential and commercial property projects represent approximately 5-10% of total materials produced.

Landscape and leisure sports uses are the fastest growing segment of the synthetic grass and artificial turf market, blossoming at 30 to 35% annually.**

The largest "user" of synthetic grass and artificial turf in the US is the New York City Parks and Recreation Department; responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of hundreds of city park properties.

Many asphalt play areas are now complimented by soft, green surface materials that decrease injuries and increase the look and feel of the area.

Though driven by the sales of a hundred million square feet of sports turf annually, the synthetic grass and artificial turf market is becoming very popular for use as another surface materials for a broader range of applications in landscape and leisure sports for the residential and commercial property market.

Decreasing the use of chemicals and water while increasing the use and appeal of a landscape area drives consumer demand. Bottom line - in the hands of professionals - it delivers.

For US Licensing Boards and
Other Related Links go to:
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Carpet to Synthetic Grass Mkt Size

& Artificial Turf
Market Study
Shows ...

of the total
Synthetic Grass &
Artificial Turf Produced Annually

10% Landscape &
Leisure Sports Projects

90% Fields & Pitches

Sports turf used for fields compared to landscape and leisure sports

Landscape &
Leisure Sports
Market Growth
is Estimated to
Continue to
Remain Steady
at Approximately
35% Annually**

Strong Market Growth
Several Key Niche Markets
Several Key Feeder Businesses

& Sustainable, Recurring Revenues





** 2007 Global Study of the
Artificial Grass Market

For More Information or a Copy of the
2007 - Global Artificial Grass Market
Report - please contact ....
AMI Research



US Construction
Market Growth
Trends Steady
however that means

Construction Fraud
Is Still THE #1
Consumer Crime

As a whole, the construction industry is made up of a wide variety of great companies that help tens of thousands of people annually - without issue.

And then there's the exception to the norm.

Research your installer at the local builder exchange, state licensing board or contact the BBB Office go to:


Unfortunately, construction is one of the most likely
businesses where consumer fraud occurs, regularly.

Please do your part to stamp out consumer fraud in the construction industry by following local laws and ordinances and hiring only licensed contractors (where required).

You can verify the background of your Solutions Provider/installer by searching by company name and by personnel or owners name on the following links.

No state allows a license to be "shared" by companies that are not "associated" with the licensee; by partnership, corporation, etc.

Your rights are SEVERELY COMPRIMISED when using unlicensed operators!!!! You will be liable for any worker's comp issues, damage and loss on the property in the event it occurs.

Using unlicensed operators perpetuates the message that consumer fraud is OK.

Please, FOR YOUR Own Protection ... take the extra few minutes to ask for valid copies of licenses, insurance and referrals and then check them out BEFORE you sign any contracts!

For US Licensing Boards and
Other Related Resources - go to:

[ state and federal index pages ]

In the US, the Better Business Bureau is the place to seek further background information on your firm - if you find the Solutions Provider has had a mis-step and a complaint lodged against them at the BBB - you wil lfind a history on record of steps the Solutions Provider has taken to rectify the situation, or not.

Consumers can file complaints on anyone with the BBB.

Complaints and compliments are listed about companies as reported at the BBB, whether they are members or not.

To find your local BBB Office go to:



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outside of the
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