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Authorization to Purchase and Return,
Refund, Assignment and Cancellation policy:

By proceeding with this online transaction, you hereby warrant that you are an authorized representative of the named applicant and that as such you are authorized to execute this document and accept the policies on the applicant's behalf.

Though billed on an annual or monthly basis, all ASGi ONLiNE Subscribers, Associate, Association, General and Affiliate Memberships make a financial committment for one fiscal year from the date of the acceptance of the member's application and processing of their payment.*

In that capacity, you acknowledge and agree that by completing this transaction and the application for ASGi ONLiNE or ASGi Associate, Association, General or Affiliate membership subscription on behalf of the applicant, the applicant shall at all times remain liable for its monthly or annual ASGi membership subscription dues assessed and due through the month or the annual year, ending the day before the start date of subscription or membership.

In consideration of ASGi accepting this application for an Associate, General or Affiliate membership, the above-named applicant warrants that it shall abide by the terms and conditions of the use of ASGi published materials, website access, digital or printed materials, adopt and promote the ASGi's Code of Business Ethics and adhere, as closely as possible, to the Standard Installation Guidelines, as published and revised, as they are currently written or as they may be amended in the future.

ASGi Associate, General and Affiliate Memberships are annual committments, even though you may elect to pay by way of a payment plan, as may be offered by ASGi, Inc (from time to time). If an ASGi Associate, General or Affiliate member chooses to cancel their membership prior to their first anniversary event of membership, the first annual membership due will become due and payable immediately; credit card information, on file, will be used to settle any outstanding balance(s) due.

By signing this application, the applicant further agrees that in the event the applicant becomes an ASGi ONLiNE or ASGi Associate, General or Affliate member subscriber and is subsequently terminated or suspended from membership, dissolved, liquidated, or is acquired by or merged with another entity that is not an ASGi member, the applicant shall be and remain liable to ASGi for any outstanding debts or obligations to ASGi, including, but not limited to, any unpaid membership dues and past member assessments. In the event the applicant becomes an ASGi member subscriber and is subsequently acquired by or merged with another ASGi member subscriber, the applicant shall remain liable for membership dues assessed and due through the fiscal year ending determined by the term of membership on file at ASGi offices, or on record within the contruct of the ASGi Membership Administration Software.

*Credit card information, on file, will be used to settle an outstanding balances due, upon cancellation.

No cash (or kind) refunds or returns provided after 72 hours of acceptance for any ASGi Associate, General or Affiliate Membership.

Your billing statement will show up as ASGi, Inc. Please send any billing questions to

ASGi does not offer refunds other than those stated in our policies.

Though we never expect a problem to arise that can't be solved - please read this IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT CREDIT CARD DISPUTES:

BEFORE INITIATING A CREDIT CARD DISPUTE, PLEASE CONTACT US AT You can also leave a message with our receptionist at (800) 408-2344 TO AVOID INCURRING CHARGE BACK AND DISPUTE FEES.  You may call us between 11am to 8 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Please allow us 2 business days to research and respond to your claim.

Member agrees that prior to initiating any dispute procedure, member will first contact ASGi, Inc. in an attempt to resolve the matter at issue.  If a chargeback is made by the member and such chargeback lacks any legal justification or is found to be invalid, member agrees to pay an administrative fee of $30 to the balance total amount due and owing on the purchase.  Member agrees to pay this administration charge in addition to the $20 fee charged by the merchant supplier, bank, card issuer or any other entity to issue a chargeback.  Member further agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and costs associated with collection of the debt.










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