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CALGreen and the Artificial Grass – Synthetic Turf Market

Jan 1 – 2011 JAN – 2011 CALGREEN STANDARDS MANDATORY – Are You Ready? Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf  - as water savings devices – are a perfect fit for CALGREEN! Artificial grass and synthetic turf fit well into the building codes of CALGreen!  Most…

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Artificial Grass Is Perfect Fit for CalGREEN

California has approved the most stringent, environmentally-friendly building code in the United States that will apply to new commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and homes. CALGREEN will require that every new building constructed in California Reduce water consumption by 20 percent – artificial grass…

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Calif AB.1793 – Passes Senate Vote!

AB.1793 – Best of Both Whorlds Home and Property Owners Get a Choice and HOA/CID Set Their Own Guidelines Though a couple of years too late for some home owners – AB.1793 will expand artificial grass market to many property owners in California. AB.1793 language,…

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