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Tips on Grooming Artificial Grass for Dog Yards

Pet owners know – what goes in must come out – some time, some where! Whether we have our pets trained for a special area or not – any surface needs attention regularly to keep it fresh and santitary. No Exceptions! Artificial grass lawns, used by…

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Penn State study debunks staph [MRSA] scare in synthetic turf

Aug 29, 2006 Athletic Turf News As high school and college athletes prepare for a new football season, sports trainers and coaches are concerned about outbreaks of an antibiotic-resistant staph bacterium that some people have associated with synthetic turf fields. But a study by researchers…

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A practical look at maintenance for synthetic turf sports fields March 4, 2008 Athletic Turf News By: Ron Hall The great majority of field managers welcome the challenge of maintaining synthetic fields. And they do require maintenance. In fact, they require regular and ongoing maintenance,…

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TEXAS Artificial Turf Fields; Are Atheletes’ Hygiene Practices Putting Others at Risk?

Everything is big in Texas, including it’s rate of MSRA infections; 16 times the national average! The New England Journal of Medicine had an article on sports programs, both professional and academic, and how neglectful treatment of cuts, scratches and surface abrasions, along with poor…

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