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Artificial Grass for Dog & Pet Areas

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Shade the areas
the high heat of your climate creates higher temperatures on the artificial turf surfaces.

Groom the surfaces and make sure fibers are standing up - matted surfaces are 20 to 50% hotter - that is why we recommend using INFILL solutions and grooming tools to insure the blades don't mat down, as easily!


High temperatures can dehydrate your dogs and the high heat of matted - poorly groomed surfaces may hurt their paws


Pets @ Home


Misc Pet Uses

Pets and Greens

Dog Yard

Dog Kennels


One Thing For Sure
Synthetic Grass IS
An Option for Pet Owners!

Artificial Grass for Big
and Little Dogs


Some of the busiest
professional kennels
in the country
use Artificial Grass
For Dogs

WAG Pet Hotels
Humane Society
K9 Country Dog Corral

To Name A Few ...

wag pet hotel outdoor artificial grass dog run

Rooftop Outdoor Dog Run
Artificial Turf Surfaces
Over Standard Roofing

Wag Pet Hotel
San Francisco, California

artificial turf and dinosaurs

Even Dinosaurs Like It!


Synthetic Turf can be used indoors or out for kennels

We Recommend ...

Use a enzyme based de-odorizer regularly to keep the area smelling fresh

(it's carpet after all)

Don't use bleach - USE Vinegar to Sanitize and keep it free from germs and bacteria

Pick up debris regularly

Infilled grasses help to keep the blades in an upright position - un-filled artificial turf styles may mat down, creating a higher wear on the blades





Look Familiar?

3 month old sod
play area for 3 large dogs


Wouldn't This Be Better?

Artficial Turf Stablizes Back Yard Play Area
of 3 New Foundland Dogs - Replaces 3 month old sod


These pets average 155lbs each and this is their play area.
To keep it fresh and clean it's rinsed once a week using enzymes and water



Imagine a lawn ... YOUR LAWN

SHARED by you and your pets, and it looks beautiful and lush all the time - rain or shine!

  • Won't spot or stain
  • Is easily sanitized, groomed and cleaned?
  • Can handle daily traffic, ruff and tumble play,
    even in wet weather?
  • Helps to eliminate dirt and dust inside your home.
    Less cleaning - indoors and out!

Synthetic grass and artificial turf has enjoyed
increased use with pets for both residential and commercial projects because it works!

Pet kennels, doggie-day-care facilities, veterinary clinics, even California-based locations of the
Humane Society has adopted artificial grass surface products because they work!

Whether you share a lawn area with your pet or want to provide them a great, clean place to play outdoors, in any weather, look to synthetic grass and artificial turf for a great solution!

Designing the Dog's Side Yard or Kennel area with Synthetic Grass Surfaces ...

For Best Results,
ASGi Recommends That

Artificial Turf Materials for Dog Areas
Should Be…

    • Slip resistant
    • Hypersporic and Anti-Microbial
      (resistant to bacterial growth)
    • Polyethylene yarns are preferred, Nylon and
      Polypropylene are Also Options
      (slit film, monofilament or dual yarns)
    • Artificial Grass Yarns Should Be Tufted into
      Poly-urethane coated, porous backings
    • Kennels should be built to provide excellent drainage so that pet yard areas can be irrigated heavily helping to wash through contaminants and treatment products
    • Always design a kennel, where the dog will be housed for long periods, with some type of hard surface materials, such as, pavers, concrete pathways, pad or stepping stones. Rough surfaces will help keep dog paw health at its optimum. Leaving an animal on soft materials, such as carpet, for long periods can make their paws hyper-sensitive.

MANY commercial kennels are now adopting artificial grass for dog areas!

dog kennel with artificial grass

Wag Pet Hotel in San Francisco Sports over 9000 SF on their roof top where classes meet regularly for dog obedience and where the hotel guests go forexcercies & walks
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