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Artificial Turf Backing Material – 60-70% GREEN by Weight

Many of today’s artificial grass materials apply a new, high-performance, environmentally-conscious polyurethane backing called BioCel™. This material provides additional horizontal stability to the freshly woven grass surface fibers and insures a good tuft-bind or tuft-lock, so that stitches will not come out from the backing materials.

BioCel replaces a significant portion of the petroleum-based polymers in polyurethane with recycled and sustainable components, resulting in a backing that is 60-70% green by weight. In addition, BioCel has a non-woven secondary backing that is made of 100% post-consumer recycled PET recovered from recycled water and soft drink bottles.

BioCel™ combines bio-based polymers made from soybean oil with Celceram®, a highly refined recovered form of the mineral lignite, producing a product with improved performance features without an increase in cost.

The ecologically-sound technology behind BioCel supports the American agribusiness community and the EPA’s initiatives for high performance, sustainable products in industry.

Specification Benefits

• The use of carpet with BioCel contributes to the total building materials requirement for rapidly renewable materials under the Materials and Resources Section of Version 2.0 of the LEED guidelines.
• Floor covering products incorporating BioCel can be submitted under GSA SIN31-601.

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