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California Bill May VOID HOA
Bans on Artificial Grass

California Bill May VOID HOA <br/>Bans on Artificial Grass

Calif Assembly Bill 1793 –
introduced Feb 10, 2010 –
May Help Expand Market in California

Set Example for Other States

Promotes Water-Use Efficiency & Artificial Grass Turf Use


California has set the TREND for many milestones in the artificial

grass industry – if you do business in California or support those
who do business here – please step up to the plate on the following:

Assembly Bill 1793 has been introduced to the Calif Legislature by Assembly Member Lori Saldana and we can use your support in helping this important bill pass through the process

"This bill would provide that a provision of any of the governing documents of a common interest development would be void and unenforceable if it prohibits, or includes conditions that have the effect of prohibiting, the use of artificial turf or any other synthetic surface that resembles grass."

We ask that you either send us an email and say that you'd like to add your Company and Contact name to our letter of support

OR you can use our letter as a template and write YOUR OWN

copy of letter here:
California's Artificial Grass Bill Overturns HOA BANS on Use

Please email us – ASAP if you would like to add your contact information to OUR version of this letter – send your note to:  A N N I E @ A S G I . U S

ALL ASGi members are strongly encouraged to participate and will get an additional request through your membership emails.
You only need to reply once …

Thank you, in advance, for your support of this IMPORTANT BILL!

All the best
Annie Costa
Exec Director

Questions? – Give me a call at 888-378-4581

OR Contact the Honorable Lori Saldana's office staff directly:

Erica Costa (no relation)

Annie Costa
Executive Director

Toll-Free USA 888-378-4581

Join ASGi and Support Your Industry!

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