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A Warranty is generally "expressed as a written guarantee of the integrity of a product or the maker's responsibility of the repair or replacement of a broken or defective part"



Always Get Your Warranty in Writing & READ it to know your coverage and who backs the warranty, in the unlikey event you need it.

NO Manufacturer's Warranty Covers Wear!

Merriam-Webster's latest dictionary definition is that a warranty is an expressed (written) or implied (verbal) statement that some situation or thing is as it appears to be or is represented to be.

Warranties are a part of every manufacturer's world and they are an important asset that adds value to products and services in the eyes of the market.

Warranties can help build trust in both products and service companies.

Warranties outline the expectations of liability and cover specific terms and conditions of responsibility of both the manufacturer and the customer.

Most warranties, in the carpet industry and specific to artificial turf, do not cover "wear and tear". The "manufacturer" or installer that provided you the written warranty will be responsible to back your warranty in the unlikely event you would need to file a claim.

UV degradation, fiber strength, stability of the backing and tufted yarn integrity are generally covered by the yarn and component manufacturers warranties.

Because the fiber and backing manufacturer's components make up the vast majority of materials used to create the finished product, if something, other than workmanship fails, the manufacturer has to rely upon HIS warranties, in getting relief for any claims. The component manufacturer's maximum warranty coverage period for lawn and landscape artificial grass yarn fibers and backings is up to eight (8) years.

Manufacturer's of finished artificial grass will warranty their materials for the same period of time; no more than 8 years; any extension beyond a period of up to 8 years, will have to be backed by either the supplier of the surface materials, or your own builder, installer.

If a problem arises and you need to excercise your warranty, you will want a copy of your construction contract, warranty, invoice and payment documentation handy.

The date your turf was made or shipped to you may not have any affect upon the warranty, which would typically start on the day of job completion, or within an agreed upon period, there-after.

When a warranty is offered to you for an artificial grass surface solution, as any other transaction in which a warranty is one of the benefits, get it in writing, along with clear instruction of who to contact in the event of a mishap. Companies, with integrity, will make it right.

Warranty claims must be reviewed, in person, by adjusters - just like any bent-fender might require the services of a claim adjuster to look at your auto before processing your claim and determining the next steps that they may take; which may include replacement of the artificial grass surfaces.

Your artificial grass warranty, unless specified, will not cover items such as construction materials (other than the artificial grasses), construction workmanship, labor, shipping and handling, removal and any dump or hauling fees.


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