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Artificial Grass Lawns Florida, WATER RESTRICTIONS – DO THEY WORK?

By Lesia Reid

Recently, Florida has embarked on a new round of water restrictions. As I watched the news, the only thing that occurred to me was, do these restrictions really work? The short answer – time will tell. The facts today – NO!

Water restrictions will only be upheld by those that are environmentally conscious, and the selfish among us will continue their watering patterns regardless of any imposition by the government. Added to this, the fines are laughable to say the least …. $25.00 for a first time offense.

To seriously approach the problem of water shortage, we need out of the box ideas. Restrictions will not increase the amount of available water.

Florida enjoys almost 350 days of brilliant sunshine. Perhaps, it would be wise to setup natural distillations to collect water from the sun. I have a smaller process in my backyard that I use to collect water for my organic vegetables. I simply place two large water coolers in the sun. It steams up; steam is cooled as it rises, falls and viola – WATER! This mini method provides about 2-3 gallons of water on weekly basis. Of course, it helped that I was a science student and had once made a much larger sun-distillate.

Also, the use of artificial grass should be encouraged. Watering lawns uses a tremendous amount of water, especially under the Florida heat. Watering once each week in the limited time frame does very little for the lawn if people are not educated on how to maximize water use during such shortages. As a result, many homeowners ignore water restrictions and water as often as they please. If communities and local government encouraged the use of artificial grass, lawns would remain green without the need for water. This MUST be a serious consideration for communities, as acquiring water is useless if there is no conservation.


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