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TEXAS Artificial Turf Fields; Are Atheletes’ Hygiene Practices Putting Others at Risk?

Everything is big in Texas, including it’s rate of MSRA infections;
16 times the national average!

The New England Journal of Medicine had an article on sports programs, both professional and academic, and how neglectful treatment of cuts, scratches and surface abrasions, along with poor hygiene, both in the locker room and on the field, contributes to the risks to players.

The article concluded that the MRSA infections among the St. Louis Rams in 2003 were likely spread among players on as well as off the field through rough play, shared towels, whirlpools, and weights.

Researchers blamed “turf burns” or areas of skin rendered raw by a hard fall as both the source and means of spreading the bacteria.

“These abrasions were usually left uncovered, and when combined with frequent skin-to-skin contact throughout the football season, probably constituted both the source and the vehicle for transmission,”

Sophia V. Kazakova
Center of Disease Control (US)CDC – Feb. 3 issue.

“Sanitizing and anti-microbial solutions that can be easily be applied by maintenance crews are available on the market today to help insure artificial turf fields are safe!

These same treatments are available and used in daycare centers, kennels and a whole host of other “suspect” venues, such as locker rooms.  Products to rid environments of risky elements that can lead to MRSA breakouts, have been around for years.  Any facility that is experiencing this challenge needs to review their maintenance plans!

A simple treatment can be applied to older, existing fields and the new fields will benefit from anti-microbial agents built into both the surface blades and the infill materials, applied to professionally installed artificial grass surfaces, as ballast.

Simply being MORE Careful with their hygiene would also decrease the incidence of MRSA, in most cases.  [ed note]

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