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Leisure Golf Uses  

Key Elements to Consider
When Planning Your Green

  • What is the longest putt you wish to achieve?
  • Is the green for play, practice or both?
  • Vertically draining turf products allow for greater flexibility in design in areas where rain fall may exceed 10 inches per year or severe rainfall could create runoff upon the surfaces
  • Never plan to use cups as drains! Infilled greens can be set for speed—how can the turf you select be set and adjusted?
  • Putting surfaces that slope can be challenging to poor players. Balls will “drain” away from the green and may have to be retrieved—plan surface levels
    for everyone’s enjoyment.
  • To achieve your surface goals, you may need to incorporate retaining walls or elements to heighten an area or additional excavation to reduce its height. No green must be flat!

    They should be placed at least 2 feet inside the edge of any green to allow for play. Sitting walls, hard edges and other obstacles can also cause some problems for adults—set cups after you have checked your swing length against all obstacles.
  • Allow for 150 square feet or more per cup installed on the surface.

    Do Not Allow Heavy Traffic To Cross Your Green Regularly!
    The traffic can create matted areas upon the surface, changing speed and responsiveness.
  • Do Not Allow Your Green To
    Stay Overly Damp!

    Mold, mildew, fungus and moss can damage a green’s surface beyond repair.

    Moss will wind itself around turf fibers creating mounds, crowns and bumps. Mold, mildew and fungus can make your surface smell and rot.

    In damp conditions, use products on your green that can help you control growth of weeds, moss and other organic materials.
  • Animals and kid traffic don’t mix well with putting green surfaces.

    Shuffling footsteps, aggressive play and animal droppings can create maintenance headaches, repair or grooming tasks.

Your new artificial grass golf project will deliver a
beautiful, lush, ever green ground cover and more!

An Awesome Play & Practice Area!


  • Putting greens, chipping areas and tee lines are great amenities in any yard, given the area is suited to the installation of these types of activities, in general.
  • Backyard putting greens are a natural addition to any yard where the home owner wants to improve the fun-quotient of their home and reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep it looking beautiful. Putting greens also attract the attention of and are used by a greater range of people than the investment in a pool or other activity area such as a sport court. Mom, dad, the kids and grand parents of all ages can always pick up a putter and enjoy time out on the turf.
  • Planning for your golf project is the most important aspect of your responsibilities to insuring a great finish to your project. Help your design/estimator by having an idea of the longest putt you wish to achieve and if you want to roll or undulate the surface to create breaks.

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