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“More Study Required” States EPA Regarding Artificial Grass & Synethic Turf Crumb Rubber Infill Materials Safety

Considering the differing posture of the New York State DEC/DOH Study and the stories in the media regarding the study due out of the offices of the EPA – I thought I’d remind you  of what  is at the fingertips of all * ASGi Members *

… iNSiDE ASGi – your industry Archive Library

Browse gigabytes worth of information online that we have gathered over the past 2 years of the reports, presentations and info regarding recycled crumb rubber infill, heavy metal testing, lead and other topics. The library has studies from 1991 to 2009, European, USA, Canada, China and many of the reports done by 3rd parties and states, along with CPSC, CDC, EHHI, Albany, Penn State, etc …

There are INDEX Pages with lists of reports – and PORTAL Pages with access to Index pages and outside links and resources … iNSiDE ASGi is a searchable Portal – use keywords to find what you are looking for – page results may include posts, portals or indexes … browse at your own pace …

If something isn’t loaded – email me, I probably haven’t posted it yet or can locate a copy for your use… Use the following links to navigate major portal and index pages. [ these portal and index page links are also available on your home page]

=====  Portals & Index Links

iNSiDE ASGi Archives PORTAL PAGE link:
This page requires that you login – twice …
Use keywords to find subject matter

MISC REPORTS FROM 1991 TO 2009 – []
An INDEX Page to most quoted industry and 3rd party reports regarding health and safety -  go here: (you have to login twice) (let me know if a link is broken)

EPA – holistic study, reviewing air and water quality issues – anticipated pub date within 30-60 days [portal page not currently avail] – no current regulation or rule on artificial grass — synthetic turf; current lead limit in playground soil = 400ppm.

ASTM – []
This portal has all the latest on the upcoming ASTM voluntary standard for lead (Pb) in artificial grass-synthetic turf fibers; the new standard will include a companion standard specifying the relevant and appropriate testing required to show total lead content in yarn fibers.  Anticipated pub date: 30-60 days. Current thinking is that the ASTM standard will mirror the CPSIA lead (Pb) reduction schedule for children’s products and will begin with an acceptable lead (Pb) level of 300ppm – reducing this to 100ppm, as per the CPSIA schedule by August 14, 2010.  []

PROP 65 – []
lawsuits are still pending – no settlement info as yet; Products containing heavy metals or any other material listed under Prop65 should label materials with warnings, update your MSDS to properly reflect PROP65 info, where relevant.
“Prop65 & the Artificial Turf Market” guide is available here: which includes access to this portal & info []

CPSC – []
Domestic manufacturers and US Importers are now required to provide a General Certificate of Conformity (GCC) for each shipment of any product that is banned, regulated, restricted or has a rule regarding its use for consumer or children’s products under the jurisdiction of the CPSC (including FHSA, PPA, CPSIA, ETC) – THIS IS IN ADDITION TO MSDS SHEETS.

The GCC is specific to the products shipped per purchase order (PO) or invoice – you can provide access to this information to the CPSC and your customer, ONLINE – within 24 hours of shipment. US Importers MUST provide access to this information 48 hours prior to shipment of materials into USA.

Test samples do not require a GCC.  All testing of materials should be completed in the USA with a certified NELAP lab – CPSC 3rd Party testing is NOT required (a “stay” was granted and will be reviewed for Feb 2010) – you can test your products individually or under a testing “program” – manufacturers, by using the GCC, self-certify that their products comply and can reference tests completed by themselves or those of component manufacturers, in the supply chain. ALL components of the products must be tested (id: various colors, styles, resin)

See further info here: (GCC Samples, and video regarding CPSIA & GCC are posted here):  []

We are also pleased that traffic at Get-The-Lead-Out.Org is increasing – the rather “in your face” vanity URL seems to be pulling in a higher number of visitors – the important point to take away is that folks are seeing various products, crumb rubber and artificial grass state and show that they “meet and exceed” standards – helping to REBUILD CONFIDENCE in our market – []

Green Building Council – USGBC []
Our portal covers the basics – the USGBC website is awesome for more details, especially about LEEDs programs – JOIN – its ~FREE~!!!!!
[] – USGBC website link is on the portal page

Please let me know if you have any specific questions or requests.

All the best

PS: Remember to check out MarketPartners – MarketPlace for fantastic tools, equipment and suppliers of great GREEN materials and supplies (infill, fabrics, glues, grooming supplies, etc)  []

ALSO: great test labs, product safety specialists, OSHA training solutions, services for referrals, public relations, legal and acct advice:

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