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Please ... Be Water Wise!  

Water conservation is a global affair.

It not only concerns the amount of water wasted, it also concerns the amount of water contaminated from gas, oils, solvents and other dangerous materials. These products and materials are poisoning and sterlizing our water supplies and aquamarine life.

Our oceans and waterways contribute more than half of the needed energy to provide good, clean air into our atmosphere. Anything we can do to reduce emissions, keep our waterways clear and increase the productive use of our water supply will go along way.

Thank you for considering synthetic grasses in your efforts to reduce your water usage!

By installing your new synthetic lawn or landscape you are already reducing dangerous emissions into the local air and water supply, eliminating gas and oil spills, synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful allergens and contaminents from your life.

To the right are several North American and International web site links that can help you determine appropriate water usage for your garden's irrigation needs;
appropriate for your area and climate.

Other sources might include your local water district offices, city, state and county government services may be of service to you in your area, too.

You will also find a group of links for water conservation groups and programs that can help you save and conserve water all over your yard and your home.

Things you can do right now!

  • Never let water just "run" - have a purpose when you turn on the water and use it right away.
  • Don't use water uselessly - letting your hose run while washing a car, cleaning items in your yard, etc
  • Check your irrigation and main water valves, pipes and fittings often, especially in areas prone to freezing, high variations in dry and wet weather (causes swelling and shrinking of the local soils which can damage pipes).
  • Fix any leaks and turn or cap off any unnecessary lines.
  • Never over spray an area with toxic substances;
    including bleach and boric acid if rains or watershed will carry these products into local water supplies.


Water Wise Links
Advancing Ideas to Preserve/Protect
Our Water Supplies.
Clean Water Isn't a Privilege,
It's A Right. Learn How to Help!

Water Conservation
Save water with efficient systems
and healthy plants.

Water Conserve Web Portal
is a water conservation portal and
search engine dedicated to protecting
and conserving water worldwide

Use It Wisely
Water-saving tips and resources
that educate consumers.

Soil and Water

An international organization that fosters
the science and the art of soil and water conservation to achieve ...

US Bureau of Reclamation
Water Conservation Field
Services Program.

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