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Artificial Grass for Dogs
Side Yard Transformations


Synthetic grass is a great way to stabilize, beautify and add form and function to the “useless” side yard on a residential site.

If your animal spends the majority of its time in the area, you will want to provide several different surface textures for optimum paw pad health

Design your area with your pet in mind. Water lovers might appreciate a pond or pool of their very own and diggers would love the chance to dig in their own “play box” complete with products that will not hurt the new lawn areas if they are tossed out of the play box

Your pet can get dehydrated easily on hot, dry or humid days. Make sure you provide shade and unlimited water.


If your dog ever becomes overheated, don't allow them to drink heavily! Provide a limited amount of water and instead, rinse under their fore arm pits and belly - this will cool them down safely and quickly. Keep them in the shade and restful.


Home of 2 Large
"Newfoundland" Brothers

Cleaner home, dogs and habitat!

Rescue Home for Very Large Dogs
(After installation)

Backyard play area of 2 White Labs
Now the play are of the pooches and

2 Happy Home Owners
Design & BUYERS
for Pros
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(US Market)

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