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New Artificial Turf Could Help Solve Global Need for Electricity

Just Think – With ONE Home Improvement Investment – You’ll Save Water and Generate Your Own Electricity!  It’s brilliant!

You don’t hear this everyday – innovations in technology that might help us promote artificial grass and synthetic turf as the answer to clean, efficient sources of electricity!

Sestar Technologies, LLC (SESTAR) is developing revolutionary solar energy products that will be integral components in the ultimate solution to the world’s current and future energy programs.

It will lead to paradigm shifts in a number of solar and other industries, including military, emergency, outdoor recreation, artificial turf, and solar cell industries as well as related LED and LCD flat screen industries. They will all benefit by the collateral technologies that are being developed in addition to the polymer-based photovoltaic (PV), which is at the root of SESTAR’s solar products.

The universal demand for energy is continually escalating while the use of its primary sources is becoming increasingly impractical and undesirable.  Sestar’s core inventions, polymer PV materials and High Conductivity Transparent Electrodes are being developed. into products for three markets: 1) SolarTurf, a synthetic grass product laced with PV cells that turns a high maintenance yard into a beautiful, care-free lawn capable of generating eco-friendly electricity; 2) SolarFabrics for use in military tents, camouflage, and other fabric applications; 3) SolarRec Equipment where camping gear incorporates the same capabilities as outlined above; and 4) High Conductive Transparent Electrodes that not only transfer the electricity from the polymer PV products mentioned ….

Speaking with Sestar’s VP of Marketing, Bill Carr, he’s said “Our work, today, is focused on the chemical substrates to adequately provide efficient sources of energy in various different modes, artificial turf solutions will be one of many products we hope to bring to market in the near future.”

Sestar Solar Technologies has received a $350,000 investment from alumnus Thomas J. Shannon, Jr., for the continuing development of its products. Mr Shannon, Florida resident and University of Florida Hall of Fame inductee, was presented with the 2009 Horatio Alger Award and inducted as a lifetime member of the Horatio Alger Association for his determination in achieving success despite his humble upbringing at a recent ceremony in Washington, D.C.

For further information about Sestar Technologies, LLC  and their work on this dynamic new technology  – please contact Mr Bill Carr at 352-219-4334 or Mike Stars, Founder and CEO at 352-872-2572 in Gainesville, FL.

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