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Artificial Grass & Syntheic Turf are Engineered to Be Better than Real

Driven by sports field uses, most artificial turf orders for fields are designed specifically for the customer and are ALWAYS special ordered to meet their field site and team use needs.

Synthetic Grass and Artificial Turf yarn fibers and backing materials are tufted on large looms at specialty carpet mills and the finished turf (including custom logos and marks) is shipped direct to the project site to be professionally installed.

Today, our growing use of synthetic grass for landscape applications and smaller, recreational sports uses has inspired yarn manufacturers and tufting mills to begin to stock more and more standard types of materials (raw and finished goods) to satisfy our growing needs for commerical and residential project.

Mills select popular blade colors, lengths and finished look and feel and, much like the flooring industry, brand these stock items with product names to help identify them to consumers.

Before any turf is made, the first thing that is done is a specification is created. The type of fiber, stitch count, gauge, backing layers and materials, along with color, fiber height and weight are determined.

Synthetic Grass & Artificial Turf Yarn Manufacturing

Compounding - Mixing of the selected polymers, pigments, process stabilizers and additives such as UV protection

Extrusion - Melting the mixture together to blend ingredients evenly

Stretching - During several steps, the extruded polymer mixture is pulled and stretched to align the molecules and build in strength—much like an iron smith works metals to build them up. The final result is a sheet-like material ready to be cut into ribbons of yarn for the next step

Fibrillation - Stretched polymers are cut into specified thickness and then cut again to pierce the yarn surfaces for later finishing during installation. ( During the installation yarn fibers are de-fibrillated using either power driven poly-brushes or hand tools such as carpet rakes and stiff synthetic bristled brooms. )


This is a single component of a fiber manufacturing line - starting here, raw materials are mixed together to form the basis of the color, strength, UV, and weight of the new yarn fibers

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