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ASGi Members' Code of Conduct
Statement of Business & Ethical Practices

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Each ASGi Member Company and their staff agree to abide by the
ASGI Statement of Business and Ethical Practices:

Associations of Synthetic Grass Installers members recognize their obligation to serve our industry, our public, our employees and our communities by striving to deliver the very best, always. They are committed to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility in the ethical conduct of their businesses. A member's conduct in all matters should reflect positively upon the industry. No member of ASGI should engage in any action that might bring the Association and its members into disrepute/dispute.

Each ASGi Member Company Agrees to:

Demonstrate and maintain the integrity of the synthetic grass and artificial turf industry through fair, ethical and honest conduct in all situations and in a manner that complies with local, state and federal laws;

Properly, effectively and professionally serve the needs of the ultimate user or consumer of the company's products or services by providing the best in products and services, on time, on budget and as promised;

Advertise or communicate to all, by conversation, correspondence, newspaper, magazine, radio, television, or any other means of communication by providing:


• True and proper representation of all policies, products, pricing and any other services rendered by the company

• Ethical consumer advertising, to avoid any misleading claims including false comparisons; untrue, unproven, or exaggerated statements; trick photography; or omission of pertinent facts;

• Factual information only concerned with the growth of the company or its number of operating outlets at the time of communication;


Never, in any way, copy or represent the trademark or other distinguishing marks of other companies or associations with intent to mislead the public;

Use sound accounting and business practices in financial reporting and comply fully with contracts and agreements; and

Assume the obligation to conduct continuing research, education and training in order to increase their knowledge with respect to all phases of their business operation and to achieve better performance, quality and successful transactions.

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