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Crumb Rubber Scares Few – Projects Forge Ahead To Spite “Mis-Information” Hiccups

It never ceases to amaze me how many of us are willing to let others lead us. Whether into folly or fancy, we often fall victim to our own assignment of our will to that of others. We call ourselves followers, team players, givers, enablers, empowerers (try to spell check that); by any other name, some might call us fools.

Why? How often have you felt yourself snap to a passionate judgment over the mere mention on a talk program of some “issue” or “challenge” that finds its way close to your heart or personal experiences? Drama is king and stories, like these hook us; we are a bunch of “fixer-uppers” that just want to HELP!

Call a spade, a spade – doesn’t the sound of “recycled tire rubber” kinda make you cringe, just a little? Don’t you wonder if you play on the surfaces if you might fore go getting grass stains and walk away looking like road-kill, instead? If you were a parent trying to make ends meet and you hear of your local community spending your tax dollars on fake grass when they are cutting school services and curriculum, wouldn’t you wonder where their priorities lie?

More realistically, the dramatic and often mis-quoted challenges “exposed to public scrutiny” regarding the use of potentially, possibly, though highly-improbably, toxic crumb rubber infill on artificial turf sports fields has turned out to be a great target on which to focus a study to justify funding further studies in a slow year for a non-profit environmental watch-dog group located on the east coast …

The last several postings of articles on Westport News have kept the spot-lite on the highly sell-able, negative, sensationalized headlines that lead you to the next few paragraphs of the often conflicting and confusing rehash of what the local watch-dogs think might be possible hazards to humans and mother earth.

By the time you’re half way through the article, the writer has seen the error of his ways and stops the negative press, clears the wreckage he’s left under the bus and spares no effort to invest valuable word count to save the day and quote an accredited source of meticulously gathered facts and conclude that in reality, from all published data so far, there is and never has been any HAZARD to be found to humans, pets or the environment using crumb rubber infill materials (whether EPDM, Recycled SBR or other) in an artificial or natural turf system.

To tie this weird thought process back together – we sell illusions. Our artificial grass kinda looks like, kinda feels like, kinda has never smelled like (:) real grass but darn if we haven’t passionately dedicated ourselves to selling and installing millions of square feet of this stuff all over the planet. The wider the adoption of our products the larger the displacement of the types of products we displace will be – and the wider that gap, the more concerned those markets will be, about the “new” competitor they now compete for market share with.

One of the distinct reasons we are seeing a significant increase in “concerns” over the potential crumb rubber hazards is that natural turf producers are loosing lots of revenue every time a new artificial turf field is installed! Related market partners for them; lawn care chemicals, treatments, tools and equipment suppliers and manufacturers also get impacted by the reduction in installed “natural” grass; so they join the white noise, and help spark a flame of malcontent along with the natural turf producers.

Our success is their excuse to light a fire under any and every weakness in our offering!

That’s marketing! It’s their job to make us “look bad”, not ours to help them do so – and there’s a great way to combat that – know your customer base personally. Get out among the throngs of folks in your area and start shaking hands and sharing ideas, getting to know one another and how you can be of help, in kind and deed.
I personally call you to action! Get educated, informed, get involved in your area. Establish a rapport and know what is up in your own community; become the local expert people can count on to tell it straight, and provide value with no strings attached.

If you’re in need of some ideas on how to help promote our industry – get online and take a tour of the site. You don’t have to be the expert – you know where to find the experts! Sharing our site with others is great for you and everyone – “if its about artificial grass – you can find it at” !

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