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CALGreen and the Artificial Grass – Synthetic Turf Market

synthetic turf lawn graces the slope on the front yard of this San Francisco Home

Jan 1 – 2011
JAN – 2011


- Are You Ready?

Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf  - as water savings devices – are a perfect fit for CALGREEN!

Artificial grass and synthetic turf fit well into the building codes of CALGreen!  Most systems are built to be PERMEABLE – so that watershed can be managed to any ones specification, in any CITY!   And – OBVIOUSLY – artificial grass and synthetic turf solutions do not require IRRIGATION solutions, per se, so, as a water savings measure – artificial grass lawns, putting greens and sports fields are ideal choices.

January 1, 2011 is less than 60 days from now – in California and for those that BUILD in California – this will be a day of change.

CALGreen – signed into law by California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – is a two prong program that includes both MANDATORY and voluntary standards and guidelines for ALL NEW projects.

For those that focus on outdoor construction - CALGreen mandates reduction in the use of water, new systems for irrigation, better management of storm water run-off and grey water management.

Everyone that does business in California – Architects, Designers, Developers and Installer/Builders – MUST personally step up to the challenge of reviewing these new MANDATORY CALGreen specifications. Third party inspections of plans and final construction are required – your project must pass muster or risk penalties or fines.

Mandatory requirements are spelled out in the DRAFT of the CALGreen guide and then there is the matter of the Tier1 and 2 Voluntary guidelines that each CITY will review and adopt to their own purposes*.

Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf Designers – Architects – Builders

KEY for Us?
PERMEABILITY and Watershed Management

One of the most important limitations that a city might adopt would restrict a design is that no MORE than 20% of pathways, walkways, parking and patio areas may be “non – porous” – water shedding across the surfaces to drainage solutions.  [the voluntary guideline would excludes the driveway and entry walkway would be exempt]  Using NON-Permeable surfaces MAY AFFECT YOUR AVAILABLE WATER FOR PLANTS, FEATURES AND OTHER NEEDS!

calgreen training programsLearn More!

Professional Classes on
CALGreen from Green-Technology:



Important Information is also available on the CALGreen Site

Click HERE to download a CALGreen Summary Slide file

DRAFTS and Meeting Notes on Tier Guideline Adoption

* Here’s a list of a few of the California City’s evaluations and analysis of CALGreen and the voluntary guidelines that they consider key for their communities.

City of San Francisco

City of Atascadero

City of Burbank

City of Sonoma

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