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A Professional’s Guide To Prop 65 & the Artificial Turf Market Released

Written and published in plain English by seasoned Californian construction professionals.

ASGi, the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers, has just released the premier edition of  “Prop 65 & The Artificial Grass Market”; This easy to use digital handbook of frequently asked questions and lists of resources will help you provide any needed clear and reasonable warnings required under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, commonly referred to as Proposition 65 (Prop 65).

artificial turf market guide for california business info about prop 65
The “Prop 65 & The Artificial Turf Market” handbook is a survival guide for companies doing business in the state of California – many who were caught unaware of these highly precautionary policies are now under lawsuits or notices of violation by California State Attorney General, Jerry Brown’s offices and the Center for Environmental Health (CEH).  Your company could be next on the list; find out how to avoid it!

“Prop 65 & The Artificial Turf Market” is written in easy to understand terms anyone can understand and put to use, right away.  It’s a rich source of information and guidelines to help manufacturers, distributors and installers of artificial grass systems sort through the complexities of the California’s requirements and recent allegations that some artificial grass system components may expose workers and consumers to lead, and other hazardous substances, while using materials for sports fields, lawns, landscape and putting greens.

It clearly outlines the responsibilities and potential liabilities of companies doing business in the state of California under Prop 65 and gives the reader a road map of what to do to insure that their company is not at risk of legal action by the state or private citizens.  The handbook also covers related federal legislation that defines a company’s need to know about the lead contents of their products to insure a safe workplace for their employees and that they are delivering safe products into any American market, not only the State of California.

“Prop 65 & The Artificial Turf Market” includes and answers these questions:

  • What is Prop 65 and it’s scope, Who has to Warn and How
  • Why the artificial grass market has been “targeted” under the law
  • What a manufacturer, supplier or installer MUST do to comply, what happens if they don’t
  • What is the most common mistake companies make that receive a Notice of Violation
  • Samples of appropriate MSDS, Warning Signs, Letters and Correspondence
  • A compiled list of over 20 chemicals controlled under Prop 65 that absolutely need clear and reasonable warnings that may be found in any artificial grass system
  • Copies of the current 60 Day Notices of Violation and the Complaints filed on top manufacturers
  • A Private Download Page of Legislation, Studies and Related Information for Support

If you sell artificial grass system components into the State of California – you need this handbook!  It is available online at and can be immediately downloaded as a digital PDF file (MAC & PC friendly).

ASGi members enjoy a 75% discount off the shelf price; consider joining!

ASGi, the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers, was founded by seasoned professional installers to give the public a website full of unbiased information regarding the artificial grass and synthetic grass market.  Established in 2004 and formally incorporated in January of 2007 – ASGi provides a robust and content rich public website that keeps visitors up-to-date with current news and events, provides excellent design, buyer, estimating and installation guides for free public download and pages of beautiful photos and details of how artificial grass and synthetic turf are used for residential and commercial projects for landscape and leisure sports projects such as putting greens, bocce and play areas.

ASGi promotes ethics, best business practices, and standard installation guidelines to insure compliance with state and federal landscape and water use models. You can order a copy of the Prop 65 & the Artificial Grass Market Handbook here

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