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TenCate Thiolon Artificial Grass takes the lead on unleaded turf

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31 July 2008

TenCate announces that it has discontinued the use of lead in its Thiolon Grass artificial turf products ahead of voluntary standards called for by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

Download Technical Info Manual pages on TenCate Thiolon Heavy Metals Test information here

Following earlier publicity around lead present in some artificial turf, the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) released a statement yesterday that all artificial turf is safe to play on. The CPSC states that there is no health risk to young children playing on synthetic fields and that parents should not be concerned about harmful levels of lead in artificial turf. TenCate applauds the statement by the CPSC. Earlier, TenCate released statements to the same effect.

The CPSC based its statements on investigations of several fields, new and old. While the exposure in all cases was below the critical level of 15 microgram/day, the CPSC is calling for voluntary industry standards to preclude the use of lead in future products. See the CPSC statement at

Ahead of this call by the US CPSC, TenCate has taken the initiative and completely discontinued the use of lead and other heavy metals in the manufacture of its Thiolon Grass yarn materials for synthetic turf surfaces.

For years, the vast majority of TenCate turf products have been “heavy metal free”, meaning that no lead or other heavy metals are added at any stage of the production process. For a small volume of products, lead chromate was used to make bright colored products with excellent UV resistance.

With its initiative, TenCate warrants that all of its products produced currently conform to the critical German LAGA norm for heavy metal content and the DIN 18035-7 standard for leaching of heavy metals.

TenCate is the leading supplier of artificial turf components to major artificial turf companies around the world and with its initiative strengthens an unparalleled tradition of leadership through innovation.

The use of artificial turf increases the performance of athletes and reduces the risk of injuries to the player. The installation of TenCate artificial turf eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides. Artificial turf requires no mowing, fertilizing, reseeding or watering.

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