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Calif AB.1793 – Passes Senate Vote!

Calif AB.1793 – Passes Senate Vote!

AB.1793 – Best of Both Whorlds

Home and Property Owners Get a Choice and HOA/CID Set Their Own Guidelines

Though a couple of years too late for some home owners – AB.1793 will expand artificial grass market to many property owners in California.

AB.1793 language, amended before the first Assembly Committee reading, insures that the HOA/CID produce their own design guidelines for use, product quality, installation.

  • AB.1793 is sound legislation that, without appropriation, can help California achieve 20×2020 in every county  within the state, as those that wish to use artificial grass  can finally have that option.
  • AB.1793 will help put clean water back in the ground to recharge our aquifers; streams and rivers; while helping to also clean our air of lawn equipment emissions, protect our soil from oil/gas spills, & chemicals. [See ASGi Permeable Installation Guidelines HERE]

Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf is a “WATER SAVINGS Solution”

Artificial grass solutions have proven their value as a water savings device for residential & commercial projects.  Thousands of customers have participated in rebate programs saving almost 3 billion gallons of water; it’s cost and transportation; in just the past 3 years. [installation of more than 60 million SF, average water use 45 gallons per SF, annually]

AB.1793 and artificial turf grass solutions are perfect for CalGREEN, LEED projects.

Artificial grass and synthetic turf fit right into the mix when water efficiency is a goal!  USGBC and CalGREEN encourage the use of, but cannot endorse specific, solutions – such as artificial grass and synthetic turf.  Need IDEAS for how to use artificial grass in your next project? Click here to browse real-world projects in our gallery!

New Styles Are Incredible!

So Realistic, Durable, Functional;  Materials are Safe & Effective; Economical and Environmentally  Sound Investments. OEHHA, CDC, CPSC, EPA & EHHI – Reports do not show significant risk – yarns and infill materials are okay to use. [OEHHA, EPA, CDC, EHHI reports posted on ASGi website]


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Home & Property Owners

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