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Why Test Artificial Turf For Lead?

What you should know about the composition of your artificial turf surface materials.

 Material Content

All yarn fiber materials have select specifications, if a finished surface has more than one fiber color, texture or type of yarn fiber, each should be listed on the following:

    • Material Safety  Data Sheets (MSDS Sheets)
      • Any recent heavy metal tests and disclosures: each type, texture and color of fiber in finished goods – for full information on testing go HERE
        • Total Lead Content Tests are best to start
          results will tell what the total amount of lead is in the materials
        • Wipe Test - how much lead dust might wipe off the tested material area
        • Ingestion or Soluble Lead Test – can test the relative ability of human digestion to break down the lead and make it easily absorbed into the body

       If there is no lead content detectable in the Total Lead Content Test: You pass GO! Collect your samples and move on to other things. If there is no lead in the fibers when the artificial grasses are installed, there won’t be in 5 or 15 years – however – check your materials if they is ever change or, modification to how the fibers are formulated to insure consistent results.

      To test you just have to snip a few blades and the tests are easily completed for under $100 any where in the world.  Keeping the surfaces groomed goes a long way in keeping it free from dust and dirt build-up, reducing contamination from imported surfaces around the artificial grass site

    • UV and colorfastness warranties and any workmanship guarantees
    • Terms and conditions of sale, payment, insurance and shipment
    • misc reasons

Material Safety Data Sheets, warranties, guarantees and terms and conditions are generally required as part of your response to a bid proposal for:

  • public works projects
  • commercial projects
  • developments
  • municipal projects

You may need to provide test results …

  • In your bid response to the above
  • For records for employee safety – see OSHA and OSH guidelines and you may have special requirements to meet; one is knowing the composition of your materials, two is disclosing the exposure to your employees three is having safety meetings to discuss this information and the fourth is having records of that information on file and available in the event of need.
  • Your fire department will need to know of the materials stored in case of fire, keep a set of data off site
  • Your building, fire, liability and health insurance carriers may require this information to underwrite an appropriate policy, to cover you for all liabilities

Installations in public sites:

Projects that are exposed to the public always need to fit the broadest spectrum of users or they are limited in scope, thus limited in value to the community as a whole.

Find the solution that fits the users – if your audience will be toddlers to seniors, play it safe and select low or no lead solutions.

Tests from certified labs verify the information regarding your materials is true and records, kept on file, come in handy if needed.

For more information on specific test methods – continue reading HERE

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