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Californians Use 39% of Their Water Resources OUTDOORS

Shaving Off the Water Savings …

There’s another cultural tenet to overcome: Californians’ devotion to the easy suburban lifestyle (or at least, the easy suburban lifestyle as we know it). Thirty-nine percent of residential water use in California occurs outdoors, mainly when homeowners water their lawns. One way to secure “additional” water for growth is to cut yard sizes and impose landscaping restrictions on new and existing neighborhoods.


No water, no development


The days of supplies for almost every project must end. California must build smart.

April 7, 2008

During the 20th century in Southern California, city founders made a religion out of building bounteous — and sometimes boundless — suburbs in the most unlikely locations. They assumed that the water their new communities needed to thrive would somehow flow to them.

For the most part, if they made their claim early enough, they were right. Because the state and federal governments poured billions of dollars into dam and canal systems that carried water over vast distances, past far-flung burgs, engineers could almost always find a way to get a little more of it to thirsty towns. In tract after tract, water followed development, rather than the other way around.

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