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Artificial Turf Lawns, How Long WILL Yours Last?

Three things will generally determine HOW LONG an artificial grass lawn area will last.

They are, in simple terms:

  1. The Quality of Materials You Have Selected
  2. The Integrity of the Installation
  3. The Use, Maintenance and Grooming of the Surfaces

Let’s take each and look closer at the factors that can impact the life and good looks of your synthetic grass project, over time.

  1. The Quality of Surface Materials You Select directly affects the look and performance of your surfaces. Just like carpeting, each type of artificial turf material is defined by it’s style.

Key elements of an artificial grass surface product’s style would include,

  • The TYPE of fiber used
  • (nylon, polyethylene, and or polypropylene are typical choices)
  • The Finished Height and width of the Yarn Fiber
  • (finished fiber height can range from under 1 inch to over 2.5 inches and it’s thickness and width serve to define the yarn fibers, as well)
  • The Number of Rows and Stitches Per Sample Area*
  • (stitch count, size of the stitch, space between the rows of stitches all play a part in how artificial grass surfaces look, feel and respond to wear and tear. Greater density of stitches may provide the benefit of possible increased surface wear, however, the additional stitches may sacrafice the surface’s natural look or it’s feel; one should not judge the surface materials on stitch count alone)
  • The Number of Layers and Type of Backing Materials Used
  • The Finished Weight Of a Sample Area*
*Sample area is defined generally by one of the following: square inch, foot, yard or metric equilv
  • The Integrity of the Installation also affects the look and performance of your surfaces. Obviously if the base work under the surface materials or seams should fail – this would be a sure sign of “installation failure” before you could say the artificial grass surfaces are “wearing out” and might need to be replaced. Many of the potential challenges of a poorly installed area can be rectified and corrected if the surface materials are handled with care while renovations or repairs are completed.
  • The Use, Maintenance and Grooming of your lawn surfaces is the most important aspect of the life of your surface materials.

Uses, especially high traffic, aggressive wear activities; such as under swings or when used as a constant pathway, can really takes their toll on artificial grass surfaces, of any style.

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