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Why “Lead” in Today’s Artificial Turf Yarns Can’t Harm You – Video of NYC Press Conference 5-05-08

Astroturf and General Sports Venue (GSV), their exclusive distributor here in the US, hosted the media at a press conference last week, May 5th, 2008, where they presented several industry experts and noted scientists who provided a detailed overview of the events leading up to the closure, removal and finally, re-installation of a new synthetic turf surface at Ironbound’s sports field, in Newark, New Jersey.

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The Ironbound field site is located to a now vacant lot that was home to a scrape metal yard for many years. Contamination leached over the grounds, over time; due to weather run-off from rain and snow-melt and by air carrying dust and blowing debris over and across the entire site. The natural grass field and other surfaces were also contaminated by the pollution from the scrap metal yard. When inspectors, examining the scrap metal yard, became concern when they detected high concentrations of lead on surfaces in the scrap yard and then on surrounding properties; the inspection team tested the grass and artificial turf field surfaces on the Ironbound campus and found dangerous levels of contamination on both of these surfaces, as well. Erring on the side of caution, the field was cleared of students and visitors and immediately quarantined and shut-off from use until further testing could be done.

The scrap yard and school properties were expertly cleared of all contamination by New Jersey Hazardous Waste Management.

Once accomplished, Ironbound school officials invited Astroturf/GVS to come back and reinstall another artificial turf field, again, with confidence in it’s safety and performance, Ironbound chose a NYLON (PA) fiber surface yarn and installation was completed several weeks ago. More information can be located at

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