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Lead in New PE and PP Yarn Fibers – No Different Than Lead Found in New Nylon Yarns

Dyes, Coatings, Pigments and Colorants come from all sorts of sources and have been used in our world for thousands of years. Vegetable juices, native ore (iron) and even exotic materials such as the remains of ground and pressed insects have been used, with varying degrees of success, to add color to a whole host of consumer goods.

As environmental and health sciences have caught up to the use of these colorants, safer and even more effective pigments and coatings have been developed; many using compounds of heavy-metals, ores and other natural materials that are now encapsulated (coated) to make them safe. see Encapsulation Reduces BioAvailablity of Lead Pigments and Lead & Encapsulated Lead Chromate, Only One Can Harm You

Coloring plastics, is a world unto itself. The high heat that the raw olefin “plastics” endure to become the finished green blade of artificial grass is damaging to all but the most “stout” of pigments. If the appropriate pigment is not used, colors may not be true and they are highly likely to fade, quickly.

Whether a polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or nylon (PA) fiber – ALL artificial turf fiber materials use pigments and other additives to insure fade-resistant color fast-ness.

Here’s a publicly available letter we received from TenCate – ThiolonGrass that speaks to the “heavy-metal” content of PE artificial turf and synthetic grass yarn fibers – HERE.

Thiolon supplies over 60% of the polyethylene fibers used in sports fields, landscape and leisure sports artificial grass surfaces here in US markets. ThiolonGrass is one, of several companies, that provide PE and PP fibers to NAFTA markets – though this document will ONLY represent the products available through Thiolon Grass manufacturing mills that use their fibers.

Press Release RE:
Thiolon’s Strategic Partnership with Canadian Manuf. – Fieldturf

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