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Encapsulated Lead or Just Plain Lead – Only ONE of these can easily harm you

The form in which lead and other heavy metals are found are key to their ability to be absorbed by the body.Which form lead is in makes a huge difference in the ablity of your body to absorb the lead and cause yourself severe, if not life-threatening, diseases & conditions; including neurological disorders and cancer.

Developments in molecular science during the 1980s, opened new doors to processes that could coat heavy metals, in such a durable and stable way, that the hazards of ingesting, inhaling or absorbing the toxic materials into your system was eliminated.

The solution was encapsulation.

The ENCAPSULATION process is so effective at eliminating the risk of exposure to lead and other heavy metals (in pigments and colorants used in the artificial turf industry) that when heavy metals are ENCAPSULATED they are no longer considered the same and drop-off the hazardous materials lists (** See Below).

ENCAPSULATED heavy metals, including lead and chromium, are CONSIDERED INERT AND SAFE; fabrics, fibers, plastics and other materials that are manufactured using Encapsulated Dyes, Stabilizers, Colorants and Pigments are able to be recycled or thrown away without special handling.The toy or the fiber might break down, to even as fine a particle as “dust”, however, the microscopic pigment molecule of encapsulated lead chromate color, will not. That is why encapsulated colors, additives and pigments are commonly used in cosmetic items, such as lipstick and eye colors.

* Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal that can be found in extraordinary concentrations, even in nature, without any help from the weird science or pollution of man. Lead is treated as a seperate material from any lead compounds because the process of compounding will change the dynamics of it’s properties – Lead, in its natural form, is extremely bio-available; through ingestion, inhalation and absorption.

Lead Chromate is a chemical compound that combines lead and chromate together, as one.

Encapsulated Lead Chromate ** (widely adopted by the 1990s for use in colorizing synthetic yarn fibers for carpet and other fabrics) The lead chromate molecule is coated with a silica material that binds to the lead chromate molecule and encapsulates (encircles ) the compound, making both heavy metals unable to be absorbed through skin, through the airways and lungs by inhalation or through the mouth, gastrointestinal tract or stomach through ingestion, making silica encapsulated lead chromate a safe, hazard-free yellow pigment.

** Amorphous silica encapsulated lead chromate is NOT Bio-Available.

As noted in the OSHA lead standard, repeated and prolonged exposures to un-encapsulated lead and lead compounds may cause delayed effects involving the blood, gastrointestinal, nervous and reproductive systems. This information is furnished based upon the OSHA lead standard which treats all lead compounds the same regardless of their solubility or volatility.

SILICA ENCAPSULATED CHROMATE is recognized by the Chemical Abstract Service Registry by a separate classification number (CAS #) as lead or lead chromate.

Lead chromate [a different material than encapsulated lead chromate] is currently listed as a suspect carcinogen. However, SILICA ENCAPSULATION provides an amorphous silica encapsulation of the base lead chromate pigment. As a result, the leachable or extractable lead content is significantly lowered, protecting the environment as well as the workplace.

This encapsulation modifies the toxicological properties of the silica encapsulated lead chromate pigment as indicated by AMES tests used to screen potentially carcinogenic substances by the fact that such compositions do not demonstrate toxicity or mutagenic activity.

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