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YOU Can Easily Test Artificial Turf for Heavy Metals & other Contaminants

Several chemical tests are used to measure the total amount of lead in an amount of material and how much of that lead might be able to be absorbed by the body, under normal exposure. Any chemistry lab can perform tests like these and can provide you with confidential test results based upon the samples provided.

1. How much lead may come out of the material if ingested
= Leachette test – ASTM* F923

2. How much total lead is in the material (including encapsulated)
= Total Lead Test – NIOSH** 3010B and 6010B

3. How much lead is on the surfaces of the material
= Wipe Test – NIOSH 9100
Required test for Proposition 65 Compliance in California


Some lab referrals for professional testing. These labs can provide you with results based upon the samples provided – if you are trying to provide proof of heavy metals, you can ask for a full spectrum of tests.

Northwest Labs of Seattle
Omar Simon
(on holiday until July 9th)


National Food Labs
Grace Bandong, Chemistry Lab Director:
925-551-4206 (offc)
they are moving the offices, her cell is best to find her: 925-639-7832 <>

Other Options:

Tools for Professionals, Schools & Suppliers

A very affordable and accurate tool for detection of heavy metals, in including lead, in everything from artificial turf fibers to infill materials (crumb rubber) is X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology.

XRF tools use a non destructive method of testing for lead content. These hand-held devices are used successfully for measuring lead in soil and paint, including paint on children’s toys, furniture, and other objects.

Lead-based paint inspectors and some laboratories may have these devices, which exist in both portable and fixed forms. Portable XRF devices allow consumers to have items tested in more convent locations such as home or schools. For one option, available to consumers on the internet - check on Artificial Turf and Heavy Metals testing – rentals of hand held devices from Innov-X Systems:


The Innov-X Portable XRF can screen for all five restricted RoHS elements in an instant -

* Lead (Pb)
* Mercury
* Cadmium (Cd)
* Chromium VI (Hexavalent Chromium or Cr)
* Hg
* Br

Units can test the following applications:

* RoHS/WEEE Compliance
* Metals in Soil
* Alloy
* Lead in Paint, plastics, fibers

X-RF Unit: Links to RENTAL and supply sources

GEOTECH Engineering:

EquipCO Rentals

Ajax Environmental Supplies & Rentals

Thermo Scientific – make, sell XRF units

Other independent testing facilities, often commissioned for testing of field and commercial projects by the artificial grass industry, are:

United States Sports Surfacing Laboratory, Inc. [USSL]
Hopewell, VA
Hans Kolitzus
Kathleen Smith
Director of Ops

Thomas Testing, Inc.
Scotts, MI
Marvin Thomas
Sabrina Thomas

Testing Services, Inc.
Dalton, GA
Erle Miles, Sr.

Labosport, Inc.
Laval, Quebec, Canada
Yvon Depelteau
Director Canada
Alastair Cox
Derbyshire, UK

For study – search = lead, testing, heavy metals

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