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Artificial Turf Grass News

Explore A Whole New World of Solutions Using Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf Systems

You have arrived in the lobby of the virtual offices of ASGi where you can explore synthetic grass and artificial turf for use in your commercial or residential project design.

Today's synthetic grass and artificial turf systems are solid, reliable, durable and deliver the kind of form and function that can enhance any project.

ASGi is here to help you by providing industry info, standard installation and buyers' guides and a whole lot more!!!

You will get the straight scoop about how our industry's products and services can fulfill your wildest dreams of
having a low maintenance lawn or leisure sports area.

A bit of the background
The synthetic grass and artificial turf industry was originally founded to provide products, construction and installation services to sports facilities, parks/recreation departments, schools, universities and professional teams. For over 40 years, artificial turf manufacturers, installers and their customers have driven the development of the safest, most durable materials for high-contact, aggressive sports field uses on the planet. Materials have to be tough, safe and functional; that they are so natural looking is a great bonus for everyone.

Need for solutions
Driven by many in need of drought-tolerant solutions for golf, adaptations of field grasses began sprouting up on the market to solve to challenges in the commercial golf industry. As courses adopted synthetic grass use, residential putting greens and other golf amenities solved homeowner's needs to landscape their properties with fun and functional amenities. Exposure to residential consumers proved a boon for the manufacturers who now had an expanding market that was demanding a wider range of products than ever before.

3rd Generation Synthetic Grass Looks & Feels So Much Like Real Grass - It Is Almost Impossible To Tell The Difference!
With the look and feel, color and texture of some of the new generation of yarns and blends of field grasses so close to real, artificial turf had morphed into synthetic grass and finally, gained acceptance for uses outside the norm.

Gains acceptance for leisure sports & landscape use
Again, driven by need (low maintenance, draught tolerant, high traffic, water conserving), synthetic turf began to be adopted for use as more than a sports surface amenity—it was now another landscape option to use, much like other hardscape products, (pavers, decorative patio rock and custom concrete surfaces) to enhance and extend the livable area of residential and commercial properties. The best part is that the core materials had already been developed to be durable, safe and had years of proven success under extreme conditions.

Benefits are Boundless
Along with a lush, ever-green lawn, customers' enjoy less maintenance, repair and expense, too! It's the first lawn product that really delivers peace of mind; it can stand up to weather, traffic and challenging conditions; too much sun, shade, slope, rain or wind.

Find out more about how synthetic grasses and artificial turf are expanding landscape options and providing solutions.

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